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Goldie's Story - pneumothorax and foreign body removal

7th July 2017

Goldie's Story - pneumothorax and foreign body removal

This is Goldie, a beautiful 2 year old domestic short hair cat. Goldie recently came to see our first opinion department because he was unwell, with symptoms including a lack of appetite and increased respiratory rate. Goldie was admitted to our hospital and an ultrasound scan showed a pleural effusion (excess fluid that accumulates in the space that surrounds the lungs). From this point our referral surgeon Peter Delisser took over Goldie's care. An xray and CT scan confirmed a pleural effusion and pneumothorax (“collapsed lung” which happens when there is a tear in the lung and air escapes into the chest cavity).

Air was drained from the right thorax and a chest drain was placed in the same side. However, the decision was made that surgery would be the best for Goldie, so Peter performed an exploratory thoractomy (incision into the pleural space of the chest). During this procedure Peter found plant matter and a single hair in Goldie's lung lobe (as pictured). The foreign body was removed, surgery was successful and Goldie recovered well.

Throughout Goldie's hospitalisation he was looked after by our medicine and soft tissue team. His chest drain was taken out, and he went home four days later to continue his recovery. Goldie was a star patient, and we are glad that we could get him back to full health and home to his lovely family.