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“Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Sonya the vet was very clear about Edward's broken tail, shell formation and what to do from now on. Excellent service and care!”

Edward's owner

Exotic animals have unique needs when it comes to veterinary medicine. The Exotic veterinary team provides referral level care for all species.

The exotic species team

Exotic species fees

Species we treat

  • Small mammals (including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, sugar gliders, degus, rats and hamsters)
  • Birds (including parrots, budgerigars, cockatiels, birds of prey and waterfowl)
  • Reptiles (including tortoises, lizards, snakes, caimans and crocodiles)
  • Invertebrates (including spiders, insects and snails)
  • Amphibians and fish
  • Primates (including marmosets, tamarins, lemurs, squirrel monkeys)
  • Other mammals (including coatis, skunks, raccoons and wallabies)

Exotic species services

  • Surgical procedures including egg removal in tortoises, granuloma removal in birds, laparoscopy
  • Rigid and flexible endoscopy
  • Advanced dental treatment of rabbits and chinchillas
  • Specialist pneumonia treatment
  • Further investigations: blood, urine and faecal samples are analysed in house or sent to laboratories specialising in exotics for evaluation; radiology (x-ray); ultrasound; endoscopy
  • Sevoflurane anaesthetic and a ventilator to provide ideal conditions for small mammals, reptiles and birds under general anaesthetic
  • CT Scanning
  • A separate dedicated ward for exotic species with specialist hospitalisation equipment, including vivaria
  • Excellent surgical and nursing skills for exotic pets

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