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Our oncology service is a highly-skilled multi-disciplinary team, led by American Specialist in Veterinary Oncology, Dr Owen Davies, working closely with board-certified specialists in soft-tissue surgery and diagnostic imaging, and with the support of specialists in internal medicine, critical care, and orthopaedics. Our facilities are advanced, and include CT and MRI scanning, ultrasonography, fluoroscopy, interventional radiology procedures, endoscopy, keyhole surgery, and a brand new chemotherapy suite opened in Autumn 2017

The oncology team

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Our facilities include high quality equipment for digital radiography, CT scanning, ultrasonography, fluoroscopy and a wide range of endoscopes, allowing for the investigation of challenging medical cases.

The services we offer include:

  • Investigation of suspected cases of cancer and staging of disease with advanced imaging and minimally-invasive biopsy techniques
  • Client support – helping our clients understand the disease process, prognosis and available treatments
  • Chemotherapy clinic – offering the most modern oral and injectable chemotherapy treatments, as well as “targeted” therapies, immunotherapy and vaccine therapy
  • Interventional oncology procedures including stenting and chemo-embolization
  • Surgical oncology procedures including complex reconstructive techniques and sentinel lymph node mapping
  • Radiation therapy liaison – we work closely with several radiation treatment centres and can facilitate radiation treatment where appropriate

We are happy to receive referrals in all aspects of veterinary oncology, at any stage of diagnosis or treatment. We are equally happy to receive a case of suspected cancer for investigation, a pre-diagnosed case for staging of disease and discussion of treatment options, or a pre-treated cancer case for further therapy.

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