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Using the free clinical advice service:

  • Please be aware that our clinicians have many clinical and teaching commitments so it can be difficult to respond at a specific time. It helps us if you are able to give a range of contact times.
  • Please could you make your reception staff aware that you are expecting a call/email from us and if there are alternative veterinary surgeons who can be spoken to in your absence. Please note, we will only make two attempts to contact you by phone about any given advice request, so please be sure to indicate the best times to contact you and any alternative phone numbers.
  • Our advice will be provided in good faith but we must remind you that any decisions based upon it remain your responsibility. We hope that both you and your client benefit from the advice received. We are constantly trying to improve the service that we can offer to our referring practices and we pride ourselves on providing information to practicing vets.
  • Our Advice Request Service is currently provided free of charge, but responding to enquiries can take up a significant amount of our specialists’ time. In order to help us to continue offering this service free of charge, we kindly request that the entire case history is not attached, but a 750 word summary provided. Where this is not done the advice call will usually be deleted and no further action will be taken. In addition, we are unable to interpret multiple radiographs**, or give repeated advice on the same case. If this is required (ie more than 4 radiographs for interpretation, or more than 2 submissions referring to one case) an administration fee of £30 will be charged to the practice.

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